Story Time

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Hi All,

Very poor attendance from myself, mental note need to adjust this.

Anyway I have decided I wanted to start to share a story, maybe I should and maybe I shouldnt, however they say a story shared is a story told, hahahaha, so I am going to anyway.

It,s a tale of life, sometimes very hard and sometimes very funny, but non the less a very true story which, somebody very close to me shared.

When I listened it was amazing.

It started many years ago with a young boy, who shall remain nameless and goes over different chapters of the memories in his life, some, as me, I am sure you will beleive and relate to and others I am sure will make you gasp with disbeleif.

The boy was born, in a shed it seems, because since returning to his birth place on what is now the edge of a major city all that remains are the concrete foundations of grey that mark out what can only be imagined as a small square shed, which back in that time would have represented a hospital.

Those days to him seem blurred and he had no clear recolection of the rat infested shed which, his mother and apprentice mechanic father at that time lived in, on a hill in another village further from those concrete founds.

Infact his primary years were lost as many childrens, the beginning of the memories were in real, the first years in another country.

The father a hard working man, wanting to support and provide for his family had no option other than to look further than the little village they lived in to provide work, hence the move to another country. It was a start to something new for his mother and father, but it meant the father going ahead to set up with mother and son to follow.

The new job provided a house, the same house as the one to the left and the one to the right, the only differences the boy could see is that some had different coloured windows, now we know thats because they were the house which had been bought.

The streets were all alligned and the houses so identical stood like soldiers on a parade ground, each trying to outshine the one to the left or the right with some kind of small difference to make them stand out from the one next door.

To go back slightly, the family was very different, the mother from a non religious family and the father from a heavily practised catholic family, this needs to be expressed as in time the relevance will appear.

The house was cold with nearly nothing inside, dull,badly decorated and even in the boys eyes in those days clearly in need of a lot of tender love and care to make it a home, but non the less to one so young a new world of adventure, new places to find, play and discover, more houses than he had ever seen, more streets laid out in such compacted and regimented ways and obviously more people to say hello to.

An instant hit with the neighbours, a young cute boy with a different accent, quite the novelty to all around in his new world.

Not long after finding themselves here, the mother is pregnant again with what he now knows to be a sister. Not good timing, the new job for father causing many problems in the home, with mothers stress levels due to the pregnancy and continual shift work and the home being almost an eternal work site as with the little money they had, mother and father were doing all they could to try to make the house a home.

So after boring you with this part, just so you can understand the beginning years now in reality the memories begin.

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Advice or Wisdom ?

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Strenght is not your physical ability, it is your mental durability!

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Question the seemingly Impossible.

May 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello again,

Now when all around you seems impossible there really are only 2 questions, 1 why and 2 what.

1 WHY. This would be why is this happening, if are not alone question others as to why its happening, try to asses thier reasoning, then question everything you have understood alone or with others and try to understand the basics of why its happening.

This can apply to almost any situation in life, if anyone wishes to comment we can look at examples.

2  WHAT. This question is if we break the whole impossible happening down, WHAT is actually is in our control and what is beyond, so what can you do to change thinks with what you have and how can you influence anything with your actions on the things you dont control.

Again this applies to almost any life situation and again any comments we can look at examples for.

Look forward to hearing and hopefully helping and learning from one another.


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Hello World, welcome to my/our hopefully new sharesite

April 26, 2011 1 comment

Hi All,

Today is the day I have decided to start acting and not just talking, I am setting up this blog so we/me can help each other to grow for our better futures.

In life I have faced many challenges and in general have adapted, improvised or overcame, sometimes this has been professionally and other times it has been personally.

My dream with this is that we can start to gleen information from all over the world to help and support each other as times go on, coaching, knowledge transfer and if nothing else just plain old simple support.

This is a short introduction to my vision as the time goes by this will grow with all your help and support, I will become more visible to you all with serious achievements and results which I have made happen for others and myself over the years.

For now goodbye, however hope to speak soon.

Warm Regards


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